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Monday, February 06, 2006

You have just discovered theworldssmartest blog. The home of The World's Smartest Beach Bag. The World's Smartest Lawn Bag. And The World's Smartest Laundry Bag. Among other things.

I am the inventor, exclusive utility patent holder and former AI hopeful.

What is The World's Smartest Beach Bag? Take a look. It's fairly simple to get.

It's a round beach towel/blanket. A novelty in and of itself.
It quickly and easily converts from a towel to a bag thanks to the ingenious but simple drawstring woven at the permiter.
With a quick pull of the cords... zip... you have a beach bag to carry all your stuff in.

It's large enough to fit all the kids toys, your shoes, etc... and it's fun.

One side is nylon, to wick away sand and water. The other side is terry... oh so cozy.
Once pulled closed, it can be thrown over the shoulder (as in the picture) or worn back backstyle.

The ROUND shape makes it highly visible and unique on the beach or park filled with square or rectangular blankets. It's perfect for unique logos or designs - think basketball, soccerball, earth, clock, peace sign, your favorite sports team or cartoon character. And it's just plain fun.

Oh yeah... and ROUND means you don't have to shift your towel as the sun moves, you just shift your body.

The drawstring zip cord makes grabbing all your stuff and heading off the beach (say in a thunderstorm) quick and easy.
And the nylon side makes sticky sand syndrome a thing of the past. It's also neat as a water resistant barrier - beating away morning dew on lawns, or the dampness from yesterdays rain that's still buried just under the grass at the park.

The patent covers mulitple materials, uses, and consumer categories.

Think plastic. Forget the traditional leaf bag where you try helplessly to stuff the leaves in through the top opening. With The World's Smartest Lawn Bag simply sweep your leaves and debris onto the tarp-like plastic sheet... and then zip... pull the cords up and tie off into a lawn bag. Now wasn't that easy?

If you're a TV SHOW DIRECTOR who should have cast me for a new inventor reality show, an investor, the owner of WalMart, CEO of Target, have anything to do with Sharper Image or you are say... Martha Stewart and you're digging my idea, you can write me at: theworldssmartest@yahoo.com

I'll be waiting. And inventing.

And oh... yes, a reminder this is patented. But I also have another 20 plus ideas that are as good if not better. And with the right partner, it could be big.